Sunday, August 3, 2014


Israeli army expelling Jews from Yamit in the Sinai on orders from the bloody Prime Minister Menahem Begin, 1982. Other communities in Sinai shared the same fate:
April 1982 evacuation of Yamit, built on land of expelled Bedouin.  The evacuation of Yamit settlement
photo by Ouzi Keren                         photo by Azuriman 
Israeli army’s assault on Yamit, 1982
                   Yamit, Sinai Destroyed April1982                
Israeli destruction of Yamit, 1982

Israeli army’s expulsion of residents from Gush Katif in Gaza on orders from the bloody Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, 2005:

An Israeli bulldozer destroys a home in the southern Gaza Strip, Gush Katif settlement of Bedolah (AFP Photo/David Furst)
Part of the Israeli destruction of Gush Katif, 2005
AFP Photo/David Furst

Israeli expulsion from communities in northern Samaria, 2005:
Chronicle photo/Lacy Atkins


Israeli “security forces” assaulting Amona, 2006

Israeli army storms the Bet Hashalom House in Hebron in order to expel its residents who had lawfully purchased the house, 2008. The sign, loosely translated, means “the arrogant ones”. Photo by Yifa Yaakov

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